I have always been serious about writing.

While other children spent their youth frolicking outdoors, I spent mine reading the Atlas, wearing dress shoes and writing stories about bodily fluids.

sir sineor.jpg

Sir SIneor Snot (2002)

Inspired by the Spanish Inquisition and a fascination with boogers, Ryan's literary debut lasted three weeks on the fridge and fifteen years in the closet.

"Awesome!!" - Mrs. Cousineau-Norton, Terry Fox Elementary School


The Booger Rangers and the Terror of prof. snotybutt (2003)

In his second novel, the Booger Rangers take on arch-rival Professor Snotybutt in a clash of mucosal proportions.

"Great job, honey. I love you." - Mom

"Go shoot pucks at the garage." - Dad

Sgt Spit.jpg

beaver boy and the sneaky scam of sgt. spit (2003)

In late autumn of 2003, Ryan's love affair with nostrils ended and so began his fixation with Canadian aquatic mammals.

"I don’t hear those pucks."- Dad